Giuseppe's Projects and Portfolio

As well as training and mentoring Giuseppe actively builds and manages his own property portfolio, often adding new properties weekly! Here you can see some of his latest projects. 

Project Firmino Update

Work has started on the bathroom refurbishment and our first guests are booked in in less than two weeks time. 

Project Galileo

This 2 bed flat refurbishment was purchased using bridging and turned around in just 3 weeks!

Purchase Price


Work Cost


After Renovation


It’s a 2 bedroom flat in need of refurbishment and we turned this around in 3 weeks. Property was not in nice conditions, but with the help of our wonderful team we managed to bring it back to good standards. Kitchen was okay, but we will replace it in the near future.
We also had storm Arwen which destroyed completely our garage/shed in the garden.
Once advertised tenants moved in within a week with a rent of £670 pcm. 

Project Firmino

This 3 bedroom semi-detached house has been abandoned for many years. Contacted the owner living overseas and decided to do a 50:50 Rent to Rent, where we share both costs and profit!

Purchase Price


Work Cost


After Renovation


 Work required: full rewire, new bathroom, new flooring throughout, new lighting, new garden, painting and decorating

Work done so far:

Full rewire completed, Garden completed, Painting and decorating in progress, bathroom stripped out

Two possible exit strategies:

1. Sell - this will give a huge profit
2. Put a mortgage on and rent for £800-850 pcm. Once remortgaged, this will allow to get about £112k to invest in 4 more properties (with mortgage) or one with cash (and do it again).

Project Andromeda

 We sourced this deal for an investor and we also managed the renovation project. The tenants moved in 4 days after completion!

Purchase Price


Work Cost




Work completed:

New bathroom, new flooring, new lighting, new plumbing and general refurbishment
After costs: 25.16%
After refinance: 50.1%

Project Ashley

 A freehold 3 bed apartment with amazing outhouse.

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Work Cost




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